First impression is everthing. It should reflect style, taste and quality. That’s why, PIETRAMOSAIC does its best, and known with its A-class quality marble, travertine and other kinds of natural stone mosaics, tiles and products for you. Because, our first impression is when somebody walks into your space, and see the mosaics and tiles that we made with love. As PIETRAMOSAIC, our porpuse is to come to mind first, when someone says quality for natural stones. Reach us more info.


Delivery Methods

Delivery methods of a shipment is one of the key aspects of export sales. As PIETRAMOSAIC,  we are familiar with all the INCOTERMS, and used most of them in the past jobs. We generally use EXW, FOB, and CIF. Reach us more info.

Payment Methods

For a healthy export sale, next subject will be the payment methods. As PIETRAMOSAIC, we have a pairty of quantity/payment methods policy. It means that how much you would like to order shows you which payment methods you would get. To give you healtier information on this subject, and make it easier, PIETRAMOSAIC works with cash and letter of credits in general. Reach us more info.

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Export area

Another great issue of an order is where PIETRAMOSAIC export its materials. We could assure you that this is the last thing you would think on. PIETRAMOSAIC is a 100% exporting company. Right now, we’ve been in American, Canadian and European markets actively. Day by day, we expand our exporting vision, and area. Our goal is exporting our materials all around the World. Reach us more info.

DEaler area

It is a known fact that Turkey has the most various and voluminous resourses of natural stone. And we are getting our stones from this wonderland. Exporting our products is a very promising area for trade. Right now, PIETRAMOSAIC works unaccompanied. However, our bazaar is expanding day by day. And, we have to admit having dealers and partners sounds intriguing. Reach us more info.

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Think big, reach high! PIETRAMOSAIC has a highest goal: We would like to be one of the biggest companies in Turkey that exports natural stone products all around the World. And we would like to have a reputation as PIETRAMOSAIC: A Turkish manufacturer with premium products. For reaching this, we produce our goods in the World Standards and Quality, and don’t take ‘enough’ for criteria. When it comes to vision, the sky is the limit. Reach us more info.