The story behind PIETRAMOSAIC.. We are a manufacturing company that produce handmade marble, travertine and other kinds of natural stone mosaics and tiles since 2006. How this journey starts? Why to choose working on natural stones? Let’s watch the video, and learn about the details of our history.

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Our company, PIETRAMOSAIC by DENMAR, has founded in 2006 in Denizli,  Turkey by a young entrepreneur named Mehmet DELIGOZ. 

PIETRAMOSAIC manufactures marble, travertine and other kinds of natural stone mosaics and tiles in our factory. We make handmade products with a dedicated and hardworking production team. That’s the reason why, we could claim that our materials are the best quality of wall claddings and backsplashes in the market. Also, we export those materials in American, Canadian and European markets right now. Day by day, we are expanding our export area throughout all around the World.

No one can deny that TURKEY has known its rich, benign and high-class soils, especially for natural stones. Our stones mostly come from various regions of our country. As a result, PIETRAMOSAIC has A-class quality products. In addition to that, we produce our goods in the World Standards and Quality.

As PIETRAMOSAIC, our purpose is to come to mind first, when someone says quality for natural stones.